A wide selection of high quality mood rings & jewelry made to your exact size.


Who is Proteales? 

Proteales (pronounced: pro*TEA*leez) is a mood jewelry brand run by Samantha Householder. What started as a hobby I played with in my spare time at the kitchen table has grown to a full time business. Every piece of jewelry is designed, developed, created, photographed, packaged and shipped by me in my Alaskan studio. 

I got into making jewelry at an early age. My mother used to make rosaries for church. I remember being fascinated by all the pretty colors and being amazed at a final product. My dad was a rockhound and would take me along when going to gem shows or to dig in the dirt. He was a budding lapidarist, so there was always basement full of big hunks of precious stones and rocks as well as loud machinery. I loved going downstairs just to open drawers and see what treasures were hidden there. I inherited the jewelry making bug as well as all the equipment. I am a self-taught metalsmith from West Virginia. 

All materials are carefully sourced from around the world with sustainability and fair trade in mind. Proteales uses 100% recycled metals including sterling, brass and gold in efforts to minimize the effects of mining on our planet.