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My Mood Ring Stopped Working!

Oh no! Your mood ring is not working! It's such a bummer to invest in a nice piece of jewelry, wear it a while and LOVE it, only to have it be useless. 

To understand how it broke, let's take a look at what mood stones are made of.

Mood stones have 3 layers. The bottom layer is the backing. This is a thin protective base layer that is slightly rounded to help seal in the color changing layer. It is usually black because a dark color works best with the next layer.

The color changing layer! This layer is really a color changing paint. This layer is fused with the bottom layer. If you took your mood stone apart, you could scrape off this color changing paint. It is called liquid crystal, and you can get more information on liquid crystal and how it works in this blog post, How Do Mood Rings Work? 

The top layer is a clear dome. This is either glass or acrylic that magnifies whatever is underneath. Acrylic is sturdy and can hold up to years of daily wear without getting beat up, this is what is used on my small mood rings. My larger stones are made with a clear glass dome because they have more surface area and need to hold up to more bumps and hits. 

So what is happening when your mood ring stops working? This can look like several things. It can look like a bubble in your stone. You may be able to see some part changing color, or no color at all. It may look like you can see the silver bottom of your ring. Either way, it's not pretty and definitely no fun to wear! But what is happening is the top clear acrylic layer has become separated from the color changing layer. 

So what can be done to fix it? Unfortunately, nothing. You can not repair a broken mood stone. When manufactured, mood stones are sealed, which is not something you can replicate at home. 

Does this make your mood jewelry worthless? Not if you bought your mood jewelry from Proteales! I am happy to replace your stone at any time. This is not something that any other mood ring seller offers. I love my mood jewelry so much and I have such confidence in how much you will love it, that I want it to last you for years and years. Best of all, I will replace your stone FREE OF CHARGE! 

With care, your mood jewelry will last you for years! I took a hammer to this stone and had to work pretty hard to get it to break! 

Read more about how to care for your mood jewelry and prevent a damaged stone here. 

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