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How Do I Care For My Mood Ring?

All good jewelry needs to be cared for. Mood rings may be historically seen as a cheap, bubblegum prize, but the mood rings I make are made with care and made to last. Plus, I make them in 14kt gold, which I have never seen in a bubblegum machine!


First of all, NO WATER! To truly care for your mood ring and have it last for years to come, you must remove before washing your hands. If you are as forgetful as me, you will be happy to know that an occasional wash of your hands should be OK. But repeated contact with water will damage the color changing abilities of your ring. See My Mood Ring Stopped Working! 

While on the topic of water, doing dishes, bathing or swimming are absolute no-no's. Submerging your mood ring in water is no good, but exposure to chemicals is definitely not good!  When exposed to water, the pigments in the color changing liquid crystal react and lose their ability to change color. 


If your ring is made of sterling silver, it will over time tarnish as it is exposed to air. This is unavoidable, but will not turn your finger green. Tarnish is easily removed with a polishing cloth. DO NOT use jewelry cleaner on your mood ring, for the same reasons listed above in regards to water and chemicals. Some people like the look of a darker silver, it is personal choice if you want to polish it or leave it dark. 

Sterling silver is best stored in a cool, dry place (heat and moisture speed up the tarnishing process), NOT in your bathroom (It's OK, I'm guilty too)! Try adding a piece of white chalk to your storage area. Chalk is an old remedy, reported to prevent tarnish. Silica packs (found in medicine bottles or with new shoes) can also be placed in your jewelry container to absorb moisture that will slow tarnishing. 

 Your jewelry will come packaged in a little purple box with a white cotton filling. If you do not have a jewelry box or a safe place to keep your jewelry, you can leave it in this box when not being worn, as the cotton is treated to help prevent tarnishing. 

Your little purple Proteales box will also come in a purple velvet bag. HANG ON TO THIS BAG! This makes a perfect way to carry your jewelry when you travel. The drawstring will keep your jewelry from escaping and keep it secure. It works for non mood jewelry too!



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